Your home, protect it!

Everyday hundreds of homeowners look to buy a new burglar alarm system. There are hundreds of thousands of companies out there offering burglar alarms all over the UK some are registered installers with an accreditation and some are just electricians or DIY installers.

The other night i was sat on Facebook and up pops someone asking about for recommendations for alarm installers, slowly but surely loads of people recommended different companies all of which had one thing in common – they weren’t registered! Now, this didn’t come as a surprise but what does surprise me is this:

An intruder alarm is usually installed to protect life and property from attack/theft, if that is the case (why else would you want an intruder alarm!?) then why would anyone be willing to have an unregistered, non accredited company in their home to install an alarm that is suppose to protect the very thing that you’ve opened your doors to?

There are only two associations that installers can be accredited with – the SSAIB and the NSI.

Both of these associations vet their installers heavily, this includes Police database checks on all staff, company financial checks and yearly work assessment to check the company is abiding by the rules and regulations set out by the police and the bodies themselves.

The SSAIB and the NSI are also police and insurance approved. Most insurers insist on having an accredited installer for all security work, Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Door Access.

So what am i saying? In short, next time you want to look at home security, please ensure you check out the accreditations of any installer you are going to use, otherwise you might be letting in, the very people you’re trying to keep out and handing them the blueprint of your home security.


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