Why your Alarm sometimes malfunctions and goes off in the night… and what you can do about it

It’s a sound many homeowners have heard: the 3 a.m. alarm siren. Why does it happen? Well, it’s a simple matter of the battery’s charge level and the outside air temperature.

The alarm siren on the outside of your house contains a number of items and not just a loud siren.  One of these items is a rechargeable battery. You may not be aware that the amount of power a battery produces, reduces if you lower the temperature of its surroundings.

Proper maintenance is key

These low temperatures can cause a battery, that has gone beyond its recommended service life, to drop to an unacceptable level. When this happens, the external siren can enter ‘panic’ mode and start sounding, even if your alarm is not set. Air temperatures tend to be coolest between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. That’s why the alarm may sound randomly in the middle of the night.

Given the time of year and low temperatures outside at the moment, we have seen an increase in calls to our 24 hour service phone-line from non-customers. Our regular customers rarely need to call this number because we maintain their alarms on an ongoing basis. This kind of preventative maintenance often negates the problem. But to our non-customers, our genuine 24-hour emergency number has been a lifeline. One such caller recently said:

“We had tried other so called 24 hour numbers before yours but you were the first to actually pick up the phone”.

burglar alarm system

Home Insurance

Other than preventing malfunction of your alarm due to poor maintenance, there are other significant benefits to maintaining your alarm. One such benefit can be the positive effect on your insurance premium.

It is a fact that you’re less likely to get burgled if you have a burglar alarm installed in your home, which is why most insurers encourage the idea and offer deductions in home insurance premiums for people having such systems in place.

The discounts and offers might vary between insurers, where for some, to qualify for a discount or even make a claim, the homeowners must have a well-maintained monitored burglar alarm, while some might not offer any discounts at all.

Home insurance

Insurance companies just want to be sure that you have done all that you are required to do to make your home secure and deter such criminal activities.

We can help

Bit4 are proud to offer a high level of service for your fire and security needs. If you need someone to design, install and monitor your intruder alarm, or just need maintenance work on your alarms then we have you covered.