Thieves are systematically checking pubs and clubs for security weaknesses

A week ago in Nottingham there was a spate of smashed pub windows all on St James Street.

Police are yet to provide any detailed information but to our expert eyes it looks a systematic testing for security vulnerabilities.

One of the pubs had a faulty alarm and was completely cleaned out of all alcohol by burglars who made 3 separate trips. We know this because whilst the security alarm was faulty, the CCTV camera was active and recorded the whole thing.

To the trained eye, a burglar alarm gives off a range of visual clues as to whether it is working properly or is in fact faulty. Because of this, some burglars will not even need to go as far as throwing a brick through the window to know whether there are security weaknesses that can be exploited.

Lack of flashing light, intermittent beeping and even an old or non-trading security company name on the side of the alarm all act as potential signs that the alarm may not be active or working properly.

We are still a few months from pubs being able to re-open and for this reason they are still being targeted by criminals along with other hospitality and closed offices / warehouses. Some burglars may simply be opportunistic but as last week in Nottingham city centre showed, some will be organised and will know exactly what they are looking for.

Alarms need to be regularly maintained to ensure that they are protecting your business and not leaving you open to burglars who know how to spot a vulnerable business.

Thieves go for an easy target. Make it as hard as possible for intruders to enter your premises undetected.

Bit4 can supply, install and maintain a range of burglar alarms and security systems. We provide a full risk assessment for your premises, to determine what level of protection you require. We can install and maintain off-site security monitoring systems, remote setting and un-setting of alarms, integration with CCTV and other existing systems.

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