Don’t get burnt in the summer sun.

During these summer months you’re probably not thinking about your home security, you’re probably thinking about your holidays and the kids being off school.


Unfortunately it might surprise you to hear that in around 25 percent of break-ins that take place in the spring and summer months, entry is gained through insecure windows and doors, especially at the rear of the property.

Here at Bit4 Fire & Security we wanted to provide you with some information as to how to keep your home and property secure this summer:

  • Ensure that windows and doors are closed and locked when you are out. Don’t leave small windows open believing them to be safe.
  • If you want to leave windows open while you sleep, fit window restrictors so they cannot be fully opened, or make sure they are not large enough to allow access to a burglar.
  • When out in your garden, ensure that windows and doors to the front of the house are secure. It only takes a second for someone to get into your home and take things without you noticing.
  • Do not leave valuables on display in front of windows or in reach of open windows or doors.
  • Ensure that all barbecue and garden equipment and tools are securely locked up in a shed and out of sight. Tools can be used by the potential offender to break in to your home.
  • Installing an Intruder Alarm to your property will provide a visual deterrent making it 60% less likely to be broken into.
  • If securing tools etc in the shed consider having your alarm extended to the shed as padlocks are insecure.
  • Consider fitting outside security lighting to help deter burglars. Even using pea shingle or gravel on a driveway and spiky plants in garden beds can help.
  • Don’t leae any keys near entry points where they can be ‘fished’ or ‘hooked’ out through the window, letter box or cat flap.
  • Ensure any internal handle operated locks on UPVC doors are fully secured with a key.


Going on holiday?

  • Make your home look occupied.
  • If you’re out or going away, ask a trusted neighbour to open and close your curtains for you.
  • Ask a neighbour if they don’t mind ad hoc parking on your driveway.
  • Cut the front and back lawns before you go away and trim any plants that burglars could hide behind.
  • Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries.
  • Before your holiday, don’t advertise that you are going away on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Leave important documents and valuable personal items with other family members or a bank.
  • Double-check that you’ve locked all outside windows and doors.
  • Set your burglar alarm.

It is important to have your existing intruder alarm serviced/maintained yearly to prevent any malfunctions or false call outs. The Met police say this

“In recent years the percentage of false alarm clls caused by either equipment, communication or user error represented in excess of 92% of all alarm activations nationally.”

Most annual maintenance visits cover the following:

  1. Visual inspection of each device for signs of damage.
  2. Visual inspection of all wiring where possible for signs of damage.
  3. Walk test of each device for correct operation.
  4. Testing of all internal sounder devices.
  5. Testing of all external sounder devices.
  6. Testing of all tamper devices where possible
  7. Checking of all power supplies and backup batteries
  8. Checking of all remote setting/unsetting keypads for correct operation and signs of damage.
  9. Checking of all control equipment for correct operation
  10. Checking of all Redcare signals to the central monitoring station
  11. A full report after each visit will be completed and signed off.

Did You Know 

80% of burglaries occur when there is nobody at home; most are not planned but committed by opportunists.

For more information see this useful PDF – Domestic Alarms

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