Fire Alarms

Welcome to Bit4 Fire & Security service, we were established in 2008 and have been ever growing since gaining the vital experience through the years. Based in Nottingham, we service the whole of the East Midlands, Derbyshire and Leicestershire and we are extremely proud of our impeccable service for your fire alarm needs. If you are in need of someone to Design your layout, Install and Monitor your fire alarms or would like some maintenance work on your fire alarms in Nottingham and the surrounding areas then we have you covered.

We are accredited by the SSAIB and are inspected annually to check our practices are in order and to keep in line with recent changes to keep our accreditation with the SSAIB (for more information please see) Why Choose an Accredited Company.

Fire is one of the most devastating incidents that could occur, endangering people, stock, assets and premises, so a reliable fire alarm and fire protection system is essential in any business. It is paramount to check whoever installs and maintains your fire alarm system is qualified to do so. Bit4 is fully authorised to offer installations, servicing, repairs and a 24-hour call out service for fire alarms in Nottingham.

Benefits of having a Fire alarm:

There are many benefits of having a fire alarm installed and done properly by a professional, some may be more apparent than others and some you may not even know about. In the event of a fire they help provide a notification to the fire service without having to do any work yourself, as you may not be at the premise or be able to contact anyone in an emergency. Other Benefits Include:

  • Avoid Smoke Inhalation
  • Early fire Detection
  • Discounts on Insurance
  • Decrease risk of fire.

Fire Alarm Services Nottingham:

  • Fire alarm Maintenance
  • Fire alarm installation
  • Fire alarm Monitoring
  • Fire alarm Design
  • Fire alarm commissioning

“The work was done quickly and efficiently. We had been having trouble with our alarm going off and the cause was found very quickly and swiftly dealt with. Very nice engineer”