Business Premises are being left more vulnerable to burglary during lockdown…
…Here’s what you can do

Last month the Nottingham Evening post reported about a bar in Nottingham that had £7,000 worth of alcohol stolen in a burglary.

Police say Olivia’s Townhouse in Chapel Bar, which is currently closed due to national lockdown restrictions, was targeted by thieves.

The basement is believed to have been accessed and specialist alcohol, which is not available to buy without a license, was taken.

Detective Sergeant Andy Hall, who is investigating the incidents, said: “We all know that hospitality businesses are some of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, so the last thing they need is to be targeted by criminals.

“To think that someone would take advantage of a business being closed to help themselves to valuable stock is awful. People’s livelihoods are at stake and we will do everything we can to protect them.

City Centre Businesses are being targeted

Also last month the Post reported about a burglar who went on a spree targeting 9 City centre businesses.

The 31-year-old burglar targeted nine businesses across Nottingham during a thieving spree. He broke into two pubs, two shops, two restaurants, two businesses and a hair salon up until August 12 just before his arrest.

He was arrested having been identified through witness account and CCTV and pleaded guilty to nine counts of burglary on October 15.

In Newark, covert police teams hiding in the darkness were out in force to stop burglars.

Burglars have targeted 11 premises over the last two weeks. Police decided to carry out an operation to stop them in their tracks.

Many of those burgled were independent businesses.

So what can business owners do about this?

Well, Thieves go for an easy target. Make it as hard as possible for intruders to enter your premises undetected. Burglar alarms are a popular security solution to help you achieve this.

CCTV has proven to be a highly effective deterrent to thieves. Effective coverage can help to minimise break-ins and loss.

Video door entry systems, audio entry systems, key-card entry and contactless systems ensure that only authorised people have access to your premises. This will help keep your building secure.

Bit4 can supply, install and maintain a range of burglar alarms and security systems. We provide a full risk assessment for your premises, to determine what level of protection you require.